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Fuck it all.

As I sit here in my bedroom thinking…and thinking….as much as I love my family to death….I can’t stand them anymore. I seriously need out of this house, of course as people would think “well get your own place then” well I’m working on that. I just can’t stand being the only ONE that they have to go to, to get things done….I have another sister that is living here that doesn’t do jack shit gets away with every little thing and anything I do I get bitched at. I can’t even go to my friends house without someone texting or calling me asking me where im at and what time ill be home, or pretty much doing every little fucking thing in this house. IM DONE IM DONE IM DONE IM DONE. I can’t take it anymore, soooo much fucking stress I cant take it.

I need away from here….

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The king is watching, Africa | (by: yoel schlaen)


The king is watching, Africa | (by: yoel schlaen)


an extra portion of stars

by matialonsor

"yes mistress" - Maleficent x Diaval